Our Story

Snuggly Figs was founded in 2021 after two sisters came together with their passion in design and business to start their own children’s boutique.

Like all other moms, they strived to provide the best for their kids. While shopping for their children's clothes, they came across several issues in the current clothing market for babies and kids. A major issue was the material used to make baby clothes, be it cotton, wool or polyester. They then soon realized how uncomfortable some of these fabrics can be on a baby’s skin. 

Our Solution:

After extensive research and product development, they came across bamboo blends that have a very soft buttery texture with breathable and hypoallergenic features that are also dense enough for the cold Canadian weather.

The fiber of bamboo comes from grass rather than a tree which makes it more sustainable and free of pesticides and fertilizers. Bamboo fiber has a four way stretch providing a very snug fit of babies and kids which helps lock in all their moisture, keeping their skin naturally moist and supple. 

Our Mission:

Snuggly Figs is committed to providing adorable, fashion-forward and high quality children’s clothing and accessories. From selecting fabric materials, to finalizing each color and detail, to bringing them live by all the photoshoots, it has really been a labor of love, and also a true pleasure. All our clothing is made for premium SNUGLUXE™, which is customized blend of 97% Viscose Bamboo and 3% Spandex. We strive to make beautiful clothing that you love, for the children you love, in an eco-friendly and socially responsible way. I hope you enjoy our collections as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.