How we give



As of September, 2023, we have together fed 5,865 children with healthy and nutritious meal

Imagine your child comes to you and asks you for food and you have nothing to feed them and you have no money to buy food for them. Imagine them going to sleep hungry, waking up hungry and then spending the whole day without any food in their little belly's. This is the heart breaking reality of millions of unprivileged children in several countries around the world.  

Despite decades of progress, generations of people are stuck in vicious cycles of poverty and hunger, not knowing where their next meal might come from or whether their hard work can withstand life’s setbacks. Nearly half of all deaths among children under 5 are caused by hunger. Hunger isn’t simply a matter of an absence of food. It can mean a lack of the right food, too.

With every purchase on our store, you not only make your little one happy but someone else's hungry and needy child happy by feeding them a nutritious meal.  With every item you purchase, you will be able to see how many meals you will be feeding by purchasing that product. This is a small initiative but as we grow we hope we can all work together to put a stop to child hunger one day. 

Charity is a blessing to the needy as well as a blessing to the self